Humming around quietly to do your bidding, Google’s first self-driving car prototype has been revealed, and it comes with a little bit less than you might have expected.

There is no steering wheel, nor a brake pedal. All you get is a button to start, a button to stop, a computer monitor, and two seats. Welcome to the future of motoring.

Don’t be fooled by its harmless smiling front fascia though, this is a technological juggernaut. The onboard computers and sensors can autonomously decide when to stop and go, detect objects and movement up to two football fields away, and maneuver thanks to extensive Google street mapping.

Google mentions that this first prototype is limited to a top-speed of just 25mph, with no further specifics on drivetrain specs, although electric-drive is the obvious safe bet. Google plans on rolling out 100 more prototypes like this one for testing later this summer in California. Check out the video below for a demonstration.

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[via Google]

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