Google took a huge step yesterday by introducing its first self-driving car prototype, and the automotive industry has taken notice. General Motors Product Development Chief Mark Reuss admitted if Google keeps going with autonomous vehicles it could become a "serious competitive threat." 

Between Tesla, which some have said can turn the Big Three into the Big Four, and Google the car industry is starting to face serious competition from the sidelines. A study in January said all cars on the road will be autonomous after 2050, a prediction that certainly bodes better for Google than it does GM, Chrysler, or Ford (at least for now). 

GM is developing its own autonomous vehicles, but Reuss insisted his company isn't in a race with Google. That could change, though, if the public starts to perceive GM as falling behind. Catching up would be difficult if Google becomes the brand for driverless cars. And it's already getting close. 

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[via Bloomberg