We're all guilty of making jokes about the Indiana Pacers' recent struggles. But, if you have ever wondered if you were too hard on the Pacers, don't worry, because that honor belongs to Gilbert Arenas. Prior to Game 1 of the Pacers/Wizards series, Arenas posted a couple of pictures on Instagram

Caption: "Larry bird at halftime lmao"

Okay, it's a light-hearted jab at best. Not bad. 


Caption: "TNT just showed the starting 5.. #wiz just take them bags of shits to the dumpster"

Alright, that was a little harsh, but it could be worse...


Caption: "And he's trash #wiznation it's on and poppn again..Roy I know u played for the city but ur the enemy of the state right now #tookyalllongenough"

DAMN! Okay, that's too much, Gil!

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[via Gilbert Arenas]