From high school to the pros, the jocks always end up with the hottest chicks. That's the way it's always been, and until we're all replaced by robots, that's not a trend that we see getting bucked anytime soon. Some athletes, let's take Tom Brady for example, are not only successful on the field, but also have a smoking hot, successful, wife like Gisele Bundchen. Power couple, both thrive in their professions, great story. You also have a guy like Roger Federer, with 17 Grand Slam title, who's married to Mirka Federer, a former tennis pro in her own right, but someone who undoubtedly stays behind the scenes for the most part. Do your thing, Rog. But then you have these other dudes; The athletes who aren't exactly record-breaking champions, or may not always appear to try their hardest on the field of play, but have either married or dated some of the flyest and most successful women in the world.

To those athletes, who must have something the rest of us are missing, we salute you. And because some dudes just have all the luck, check out this Gallery of Scrub Athletes with Famous WAGs.