Ford is looking to bring nimbler handling to the masses with an advanced steering system that will debut on the Blue Oval’s road cars at the beginning of next year. 

How does it work? The system variably dials-in the car’s steering ratio in relation to how fast the car is moving.

At low speeds – where steering input is generally much more intensive – the system reduces the number of steering wheel turns it takes from full-lock to full-lock of the front wheels, making it easier to maneuver in tight spaces. Conversely, at high speeds the system reduces steering sensitivity, making it easier to track straight on the highway. Sporty when you want it – practical when you don’t.

Ford’s system should be relatively cheap to retrofit onto its current vehicles too. The actuator and gears are located within the steering wheel, which means that no adaptations have to be made to the traditional steering structure.

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[via Ford]