Chrysler dropped a ton of info on the world today (and copyrighted "Rebel" again... as in AMC Rebel), and our job is to sift through it for you, so here it is, brand by brand:


  • Chrysler 100 - Something aimed firmly at the Focus and the Jetta will show up in 2016.
  • Chrysler 200 - The 200 will be refreshed in 2017
  • Chrysler 300 - Expect to see the next generation of 300 sedans in 2018
  • Town and Country - A new T&C minivan will debut in 2016, alongside a 75 mpg hybrid version.
  • Full-Size Crossover - 2017


  • B-Segment Sedan and Hatch - Coming in 2018
  • New Dart - A new Dart and AWD Dart SRT-4 in 2016.
  • Journey - A new Journey and SRT version in 2016
  • Muscle Cars - New Challengers and Chargers will show up in 2018.
  • Viper - The Viper is now a Dodge again, and will get a refresh in 2015.
  • Durango - The Durango is due to be facelifted in 2017.


  • Jeep was fairly tight lipped, but expect a three-row SUV in the future.

Fiat USA

  • 500 - The 500 and its variants will continue in the states.
  • 500L - The 500L's position is safe.
  • 500X - A 500X crossover with retro styling should show up soon.
  • "Specialty" - We'd wager that this is the joint venture roadster with Mazda. 

Alfa Romeo

  • Skunk Works - Alfas of the future will be designed by hand-picked engineers and designers that are insulated from the rest of Fiat-Chrysler's more corporately minded employees. At long last, the phrase "Tight Deadlines" has found its way to Alfa Romeo.
  • Engines - Alfas will be powered by either a 100-200 hp I4, a 200-320 hp I4, a 400-500 hp V6, or one of a pair of diesel engines that we'll probably never see in the USA.
  • Mid-Size Sedan - The Alfa mid-size, probably to be called Giulia, will launch in 2015.
  • RWD and AWD only - the Modular platform the skunk works is developing is designed to be rear- or all-wheel-drive.
  • Future cars - Two compact cars, a full-size sedan, two utility vehicles, and one more specialty vehicle that is probably a range-topping 6C halo car.
  • Alfa Romeo 4C Quadrifoglio - In late 2015 a hotter Alfa 4C is hitting the market; expect 300 horses and a 0-60 time of about four seconds even.

Holy crap! If Alfa can pull this off it will be the coolest brand in the world, hands down.

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[via Fiat-Chrysler