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The world of aerial photography was out of reach for most amateur shutter-snappers in the not-so-distant past, but recently drone aerial photography has seen a huge upswing as equipment becomes cheaper and quality goes through the roof. 

For just a couple hundred dollars, aerial hobbyists can produce stunning Hollywood-esque footage with a GoPro and a recreational drone helicopter. But there are a few legal hoops to jump through.

All drones must remain less than 400 feet above the ground and must not fly within three miles of an airport or area of intense air traffic. Also, make sure that you know your state’s trespassing laws, as flying low over a neighbor’s land might be considered trespassing.

For those looking to get in on drone aviation, the experts suggest that amateurs start small and join a club to seek help. There are many different types of aerial vehicles available as well; try flying all of them before you strap a camera onto the top.


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