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You complained about how hot last summer was. You complained about how cold it was this winter. You complained when it rained, and when it snowed, and when there were five clouds on your day at the beach, and when it got too dark too quickly. Yeah, that really sucked, huh? Well, at least you didn't have to deal with FIVE INCHES OF HAIL on your roads today like Denver is currently doing (sorry for the all-caps two posts in a row)((and sorry to all of you in Denver)). 

Twitter is currently going crazy with photos of the insane storm that just rolled through the capital of Colorado. Seriously, look: 

And here's Dick's Sporting Good's Park: 

The roads are a mess: 

And the plows are out to get all that (again) HAIL out of the way. 

So, next time you want to complain about the weather, just remember it could be much, much worse. If you live in Denver, we're sorry this happened to you and please be careful and stay safe out there. 

[via TWCBreaking]