Because the Spurs were leading the Trail Blazers 3-0 in their best-of-7 series heading into Game 4 last night—and because LeBron James dropped 49 points in the first game of the evening—the San Antonio/Portland game has been largely ignored this morning by most people. The belief is that there's no way the Blazers are going to be able to come back and beat the Spurs in the series. So even though Portland won last night to make the series 3-1, why even bother paying attention to what's going on in it?

The answer: Damian Lillard. He is why you should be paying attention—close attention—to that series. He's (probably) not going to be able to help Portland storm back and win the series. But watch the video above to see him make one of the most incredible layups that you'll ever see. And he makes it look so easy. Almost like that's exactly what he planned on doing when he started to drive down the lane.

If you haven't noticed already, Lillard is really good. So even if you're not intrigued by the Spurs/Blazers series right now, he's reason enough to watch it.

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[via Eye on Basketball]