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Earlier this month, a police officer in China attempted to pull a driver over for making an illegal U-turn on a busy street. In the grand scheme of things, making an illegal U-turn isn't the worst traffic-related violation in the world, so you wouldn't think that a cop trying to pull a driver over for making one would result in a wild scene. But you would think wrong.

Initially, the driver pulled over for the cop and allowed him to walk up to his car. But then, the driver suddenly decided to speed off—with the cop hanging onto the front of his car for dear life. A nearby surveillance camera captured the cop going for a ride on the driver's hood and caught video of the driver nearly running into several other vehicles before coming to a stop. And when he did, he was arrested and charged with dangerous driving and endangering public safety. So now, instead of a relatively minor traffic ticket, the driver of the car is facing much, much more serious charges and, possibly, some jail time.

Watch the scene unfold in the video above. This could have turned tragic.

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