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For the sixth time in franchise history (and for the second consecutive year) the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Lottery and with it the rights to the first overall pick of the Draft on June 26th. Let the conspiracy theories (and pointing to Cleveland's 1.7% pre-lotto odds) begin. To the rest of you, the order is as follows:

14. Phoenix Suns
13. Minnesota Timberwolves
12. Orlando Magic
11. Denver Nuggets
10. Philadelphia 76ers
9. Charlotte Hornets
8. Sacramento Kings
7. Los Angeles Lakers
6. Boston Celtics
5. Utah Jazz
4. Orlando Magic
3. Philadelphia 76ers
2. Milwaukee Bucks
1. Cleveland Cavaliers

So, who do you got joining Kyrie Irving and the rest of the franchise's young nucleus? Wiggins? Parker? Embiid? Well think fast because you only have five weeks to come up with an answer.