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Fellas, cheating women will apparently forgive your utter lack of athletic ability, so long as you have a rocking bod and five-figure credit limit. Victoria Milana dating website for attached people looking to cheat, conducted a survey of more than 3,200 female members and discovered that a mere 54% of women would prefer to have an affair with a sports star as opposed to an equally good, but modest man.

According to the survey, a person's body is the No. 1 source of attractionwith 39% of the votewhile money snagged 25% of the responses. 

The survey also reported on the sports women find “the hottest.” Surfing led the way with 23.4% of the vote, while football, swimming, baseball, and tennis rounded out the top five entries. The most telling stat, however, might've come from Victoria Milan’s CEO and Founder, Sigurd Vedal, who said, “...99% of women surveyed said they would be scared of being exposed having an affair with a sports star than a regular Joe.”

So, there you have it, average Joe's. Women aren’t especially attracted to sports stars; they’re just disgusted by your horrible personality and pervasive back fat. And now, you know what to work on. You're welcome.