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Andre the Giant passed away at the age of 46 back on January 27, 1993. But today, more than 21 years after his death, people still talk about one of the greatest wrestlers to ever set foot in a ring. They talk about his amazing height and weight. They talk about his showmanship and his ability to command attention. And maybe most of all, they talk about his drinking. His wild, no-holds-barred, "TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?!" style of drinking that made him a legend at every single bar he ever sat down in.

Today, Andre the Giant would have turned 68 years old. And while he's not here to celebrate in the physical sense, the stories surrounding his life have helped him to live on. So to help you celebrate Andre's born day, Uproxx just put together six amazing stories about his hard partying ways. From the time he (allegedly!) got wasted and stole a couple of horse-drawn carriages in New York City with Dusty Rhodes to the time he downed 119—yes, 119!—beers in a single sitting (#drinkchamp), the stories are guaranteed to amaze you. So go check them out over here. And check out the thumbs gallery above to see some great vintage photos of Andre the Giant in action (both in the ring and at the bar!). Happy birthday, champ!

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