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Remember when Trick Daddy's father Charles "Pop" Young sued NFL player Bryant McKinnie for $375,000 back in late 2012? If not, let us refresh your memory.

Young—who has held key positions at both Diamonds Gentleman's Club and Queen of Diamonds in Miami—sued McKinnie in October 2012 and alleged that he had given the offensive lineman a series of cash loans between February 2009 and September 2010. Young claimed that McKinnie used those loans to pay for trips to Miami strip clubs and that McKinnie had refused to pay him back. McKinnie called the lawsuit "bogus" at the time and said that he didn't owe Young anything. But Young contended that McKinnie owed him almost $400K.

Unfortunately, Young isn't going to get the $375,000 he was asking for. But according to a report released by the site RE-TOX over the weekend, he is reportedly going to get something. It seems Young and McKinnie recently reached a settlement outside of court and that McKinnie is going to pay Young $150,000 total. He has already paid $37,000 of that with the other $113,000 set to be paid at a later date.

We hope all of the lap dances were worth it.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]