Discovered by Jason Lieser of The Palm Beach Post, the Brooklyn Nets will be selling this t-shirt featuring the illustrated faces of some players on both the Nets and the Miami Heat. So, after glancing at the drawings, where do we begin?

As Deadspin points out, Andrei Kirilenko looks an awful lot like Martha Stewart. We see the resemblance. But also, where's the rest of Paul Pierce's struggle beard? We can't remember the last time Deron Williams had a completely filled-in hairline. Where's the desperation fringe in the front? Have they seen a picture of Erik Spoelstra before? Why do we feel kinda offended by that drawing of LeBron James? And finally, why did they give Kevin Garnett some straight model-esque cheekbones? Even though it is somewhat accurate, why do we feel like telling KG to forgo the rest of his NBA days and immediately start a career in modeling? 

Did you guys notice anything else? Sound off in the comments section. 

[via Deadspin]