Sports are so unpredictable. One season, an athlete or team can seem unstoppable and the very next year, you're stuck wondering where it all fell apart. Take a club like Manchester United for example. In what became Sir Alex Ferguson's last season as the club's manager, United finished on top of the Premier League with a 28-5-5 record (89 points). In their first season and only season with David Moyes at the helm, the Red Devils and their fans were in pure and utter hell as they witnessed their beloved squad struggle all season long. But, have no fear United fans, you're not alone. In fact, there are a couple more examples of athletes and teams taking nosedives after a solid season the year before.   

From the likes of Donovan McNabb and Albert Haynesworth joining the Washington Redskins and experiencing an absolutely dreadful statistical decline to Tiger Woods' fall from grace, here are The 15 Biggest One-Season Fall-Offs in Sports History

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