Someone has been breaking into a bunch of cars in North Conway, N.H. recently—and you'll never believe who it is.

Over the course of the last few weeks, quite a few cars located inside of the same North Conway community have been vandalized. And the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department believes that it's because a bear—one single bear—has been desperately searching for food and tearing through cars to try and find it. They've been unable to track down the bear. But they have seen it do quite a bit of damage to vehicles. Radios have been ripped out of dashboards. Windows have been smashed. And we won't even get into what the bear has done to several car interiors. It's gotten really ugly.

Local police say that it's not entirely strange to hear about bears waking up from their hibernation periods and breaking into cars. But if you live in North Conway—or really, anywhere that serves as a home for bears—you'd better remove any and all food from your car and make sure you lock up your vehicle at night. Or else...

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[via Huffington Post]