Audi has built a brand new one-off called the A3 clubsport quattro. It’s very blue, low sitting, and blisteringly fast. 

The source of all this hoonacy comes from a 525-horsepower 2.5L TFSI five-cylinder engine (the same one from the TT RS), which allows the A3 clubsport to sprint from zero to 60mph in just 3.6 seconds and all the way up to 193mph. Forget sporty sedans, that’s more like Audi R8 territory.

Everything about the normal A3 has been reinforced and upgraded, including the intake and exhaust, cooling systems, lightweight aluminum suspension, and seven-speed S-tronic automatic transmission. Like the name denotes, the car receives torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive to handle the immense 443 lb-ft it puts to the ground.

Audi built the clubsport quattro for its annual Worthersee Meeting, which invites enthusiasts from the world over to see some of the greatest offerings from the VW Auto Group. It might not be as crazy as that W12-engined VW Golf from a few years back, but it’s safe to say the fans are in for a show.

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[via Audi]