The WBC suspended Adrien Broner for his comments in his post-fight interview after his win against Carlos Molina. The suspension will last until his gives a "public apology satisfactorily to the public of the world," which is a stipulation Broner apparently isn't aware of.

Broner posted a Youtube video addressing the controversy, but instead of apologizing, he defended himself. "I didn't disrespect no Mexicans," he says. "I just called a Mexican a Mexican."

The boxer even goes as far as to use the classic, "How can I not like [insert nationality, ethnicity, etc. here]? My best friend is a [insert said nationality, ethnicity, etc.]," type of argument. "I love all my Mexicans," he says. "I take all pictures; I sign all autographs no matter what nationality you are."

The video was posted on the eve of his homecoming party in Cincinnati. Meanwhile, the suspension continues.

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[via YouTube]