Baby Mama: Royce Reed

Wait, the same bible thumping dude who wanted to incorporate the holy cross into the NBA logo a few years back has a child outside of wedlock? Yup. And according to unconfirmed reports he has a few children by a few different women. But we'll just focuse on the confirmed case of Royce Reed.

Howard had a son with the former Orlando Magic dancer in 2007 but things quickly turned sour afterward. In 2010 things got so bad that Dwight filed and won a defamation suit in 2010 which prohibited her from talking about him in the media. Their legal battles continued into late 2012 when Reed asked for $100K to have Howard pay for her lawyer fees in the custody battle for their son. The battle is still going on. Word of advice to all you ballers: Anytime your girl ends up on Basketball Wives, you fucked up somewhere along the way. #justsayin'