Earlier this morning, 50 Cent made an appearance on Good Morning America. He kicked it with the U.S. Men's National Team, performed several songs, and then sat down for an interview. And during that interview, he talked about the now-infamous first pitch that he threw out prior to a Mets game the other day. He said that it was not a publicity stunt (according to him, the pitch just slipped) and he also talked about how a cop pulled him over this week just to tell him how bad his pitch was.

"You know what, I actually got pulled over by New York City police," he said. "They pulled me over in my car. He pulled me over and I said, 'I got my license,' right, because I was a little nervous. As soon as he pulled me over, I was like, 'What'd I do?' And then, he said, 'You know that pitch was terrible.'"

Ha! Whether that actually happened or not, it's a good story. And we're glad to see that 50 is making the most of his epic fail. 

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[via For The Win]