Now that the 2014 NFL Draft is finally over, all the questions and speculation surrounding this draft can finally begin to fade. We know where Johnny Manziel will play quarterback next year, with or without Josh Gordon. The Houston Texans used their No. 1 overall pick on the player who has been championed as the best talent in the draft for over a year now: Jadeveon Clowney. And, thankfully, Michael Sam found a home in the league, provided he can make the regular season roster for the St. Louis Rams

However, now that all of these questions have been answered, new ones begin to appear. And the biggest ones on the mind of anyone who watched the draft have to do with who made the best picks and who made the worst. Were there any head-scratching selections you noticed throughout the league's three-day event? Should Taylor Lewan have been taken by the Tennessee Titans? How do you think Indianapolis Colts fans are feeling about the Trent Richardson trade given that it cost them their first round pick this year?

In our evaluation of The 5 Best and Worst Performing Teams in the 2014 NFL Draft, we consider all these questions and more when looking at who struck out and who hit it big this year.