I switched to the network app on my iPad during Sunday dinner, to be semi-social with my family. In an Italian household its very sacrilegious to not pay attention to family banter especially during Sunday dinner, but I was watching Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels (part of the Greatest Rivalries Documentary) so I guess that got me the free pass. This entry has nothing to do with the Rivalries documentary, though. Everyone knows the story of the "Montreal Screwjob" and how bitter and angry Bret was with the WWE and Shawn Michaels. Why its such a compelling watch is because HBK and The Hitman were finally face to face. My family and I reminisced about the time Bret Hart was in Staten Island.

The year was 1992, I was nine and my brother Vincent was six, and on one very hot summer day Bret the Hitman Hart was signing autographs at the Showplace bowling alley. My mom had a bad case of bronchitis and could hardly breath, she was in no mood to wait on a long line to meet this wrestler but my mom is an old school italian lady, when she makes a promise she keeps it. So when dad came home we went. Luckily we found a parking space in the back of the alley but it didn't matter because the line wrapped around the corner and it wasn't moving. We were waiting for like a solid hour and I had to pee bad. So I run to the alley to wiz behind the dumpster, my Mom starts to yell my name "Emilio, Emilio" the people standing on line waiting to meet Bret mistook her for saying "There he goes, there he goes" so they all start charging to the back. "All I'm thinking of is my son Emilio getting trampled by this crowd, I leave Vincent with my husband and start running like I was in a marathon out of breath and all. I bypassed the crowd and caught up with Emilio him screaming I want to meet Bret now by this time all I wanted to do was go home. I yelled to my son: 'I don't give a FUCK about Bret Hart.'

All of a sudden I see this huge muscle guy next to me, I look up and it's none other than Bret." says my Mom. Now the crowd catches up all I still remember my mom being pushed and shuffed in all directions, cameras going off, and she almost landed inside the trunk of the car in which Bret came to the appearance in. Well needless to say my brother and me met our hero , and so did my parents.

Bret Hart was very nice and very personable but the ironic ending to this story is that if we would just sat in our car we would have met Bret without all the craziness. He was parked right next to us.