Teams played for: Wizards, Lakers, Grizzlies, Pistons, Bobcats, Warriors, 76ers
Career years: 2001-2013
Career stats: 6.6 PPG, .492 FG%, .523 TS%, 0.9 APG

It's hard to believe that Kwame Brown, the butt of every "Michael Jordan is a terrible executive" joke, is finally out of the NBA. He lasted over a decade in the Association, because, well, former 1st overall picks without self-destructive personal habits have a longer lease on careers than they should. Athletic bigs who can take fouls and be a "presence" are also like lefty pitchers in baseball—they'll hang around so long as they just do enough. Poor Kwame never became the next Chris Webber or Karl Malone as so many expected, and the totality of his career is merely a half-empty shelf full of raw physical ability and nothing else.