Teams played for: Nets, Grizzlies, Hawks, Celtics, Timberwolves, Wizards
Career years: 2001-2014
Career stats: 3.6 PPG, .410 FG%, .466 TS%, 0.9 APG

Jason Collins, the man, matters much more than Jason Collins, the athlete. For that, he deserves the utmost respect and adulation. As a pure basketball player, however, Collins is perhaps the worst offensive player in NBA history. In a career average of 18.5 MPG, he put up 4 FGA per game and 3.6 PPG—an impossibly atrocious scoring record. For a two year stretch from 2008-2010, he posted a true shooting percentage of 34.05, meaning that whenever he shot the ball—from the field or the free-throw line—it went in about 34% of the time. For a 7-foot big, that's as bad as it gets.