Not every NBA player can be as blessed of a scorer as Kevin Durant, or even Jose Calderon. Basketball is a sport with one final objective: putting the ball through the hoop. Sounds simple right? And every professional basketball player SHOULD be able to perform just a basic, fundamental task of their profession, right? They're just so tall and whatever. Not so fast. Every NBA player has some sort of niche, and for thousands of past and present ballers, that niche involved skills far from the physical act of shooting and scoring. 

Great players who are well-known for their successful careers—guys like Dennis Rodman, Manute Bol, and Ben Wallace—all made their money on the defensive end of the court. On offense, however, each of these players looked totally lost. And some past NBA players, like Marcus Williams and Desmond Mason, well—we're not quite sure what good they were doing out there, because they couldn't D-up that well, and were certainly amongst The Most Offensively-Challenged NBA Players in the Modern Era.

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