Back in September, Alexie Schneider got into a car accident. She was talking on the phone while driving one night in Grand Rapids, Mich. when she drove off the road and ran into a guardrail. But believe it or not, that accident may have actually saved her life.

The 20-year-old college student wasn't injured too badly during the crash. But a short time after the accident, she was rushed to the hospital where doctors ran a series of tests on her. And during those tests, they discovered that Schneider had several tumors inside of her body as a result of a very rare form of cancer. It's a form of cancer that's typically not detected until it's too late. So had Schneider not gotten into the accident, she probably would have found out about the cancer eventually, but doctors likely wouldn't have been able to treat it as aggressively as they have since September.

Watch the video above to hear more about Schneider's incredible story. Fox 17 in Michigan did an in-depth profile on the girl and discovered how her car accident completely changed her life.

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[via Fox 17]