Wale is really enjoying a moment in the sports world right now, eh?

Last night, he got into some kind of altercation with a fan in the middle of WWE RAW. Then, he hung out with DeSean Jackson and a couple Redskins players at a club called Eden in Washington, D.C. And a little while ago, he shared a brief but entertaining Twitter exchange with NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport and NFL Network host Rich Eisen.

It all started when Rapoport took to Twitter and sent out this tweet about the rumors concerning DeSean Jackson signing with the Redskins:

That led to a fan sending this tweet in response to him:

A few seconds later, Rapoport replied to that fan with this:

And at that point, Wale decided to chime in:

Rapoport then thanked Wale for coming to his aid:

And Eisen was apparently very entertained by all of this:

But Wale has seen this:

So he topped his tweet to Rapoport by sending this to Eisen:

And Rapoport then declared Wale's tweet to Eisen as the winner:

We couldn't agree more. Shout out to Wale, Rapoport, and the guy who shall now be known simply as the "gawd of the 40 yd dash" for keeping us entertained. These are definitely your sports tweets of the day.

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[via @RapSheet]