Last month, model Liz Dickson sued Playboy after one of their employees put a tee in between her butt cheeks during a golf tournament, tried to tee off, and accidentally hit her in the backside. It looked like it was incredibly painful and, truthfully, she deserves a lot of money for having to go through that.

With that incident in mind, we can't believe what the woman in the video above allowed John Daly to do to her recently. She put a tee in between her teeth and then let Daly tee off with one of his drivers while she laid on the ground with another man holding her legs. We have trouble watching this without flinching. So we can't even imagine what she was feeling when Daly wound up and let this shot rip.

World's bravest woman? Yeah, we would say so. This seriously looks so scary.

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[via Business Insider]