There are a few small luxuries in life that we all want to be able to experience regularly. Things like condoms that don't feel like rain boots and decent food are on that list. But we're Complex Rides, so we don't (professionally) concern ourselves with such things. We're concerned with making sure our music doesn't sound like it's a tape of a tape of a tape echoing through an old drainpipe.

The problem with wanting your music, be it Rakim or Rachmaninoff, to sound right in your car is that most stock sound systems are awful, and it's really easy to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on aftermarket stuff. This is why you need a little knowledge and a clear plan of action if you're going to start upgrading your stereo. Luckily for you, we're providing A Foolproof Guide to Upgrading Your Car Stereo on the Cheap. Do your eardrums a favor this summer. 

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