Did you end up on a sports site by accident? Well, today we have the list for you.

Some of these you may agree with, some of these you may not. We're flexible and can accept honest disagreement with a position. If you like hockey shootouts and enjoy reading the same continuous bottom-line loop then that's your thing. Your opinion is wrong but it's not so wrong that "we mad, bro."

Some entries on this list are more obnoxious than Justin Bieber, his pre-teen fans and all the subsequent coverage he gets. If we had to choose between being the pop star's prison bitch or watching five consecutive minutes of the ESPYs then you could make a Belieber out of us.

Sometimes things don't always go your way. We're slowly realizing that. The MLS is quietly encroaching, we lose ESPN more and more every time they read a tweet, and steroids will never let us trust again. Here are 15 Things We Hate About Sports Today.

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