Five-year peak: 2005-09
WAR: 60.2

During these five years, Utley posted among the most dominant five-year stretch of any second baseman in history, never posting an on-base percentage below .376 while adding outstanding power and quality defense. If and when he gets into the Hall of Fame someday, this peak is going to be what people point to. Rollins was hardly a slouch, of course, winning the 2007 NL MVP with a 30-homer season, stealing at least 31 bases each year, and winning three Gold Gloves. Unsurprisingly, the Phillies made the playoffs three teams during this span, including two appearances in the World Series, and after more than a decade together, they’re still double-play partners in Philadelphia. Every time the two take the field, they start their day off with a handshake, symbolizing the bond they’ve formed over the years.