How clutch is Stephen Curry?

Last night, with the Warriors and Mavericks all tied up 120-120 in an overtime game that had plenty of playoff implications, Jermaine O'Neal blocked a shot with less than 15 seconds to go and then got the ball to Curry. And from there, the Golden State sharpshooter went to work. Mavs guard Jose Calderon played pretty solid D on him and didn't give him a lane to drive to the basket. But with the seconds ticking off the clock, Curry was able to clear out enough space to get off a game-winning shot with less than a second left on the clock.

This isn't the first time Curry has hit a big shot to lead his team to a victory (he actually burned the Mavs a few months ago, too). But it is yet another example of why you want the ball to be in this guy's hands when a game is on the line.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]