Stephen A. Smith hinted towards a Monday evisceration of Donald Sterling on his Twitter account. That might still be coming, but fans didn't have to wait too long to hear him out. He appeared on SportsCenter to talk about the scandal involving Sterling's controversial comments.

Smith held back his rage and started out by saying what almost everyone would agree with. "I was appalled, but to be quite honest with you, I wasn't too surprised." Then, Smith cited Baron Davis' stories of his mistreatment from Sterling as a reason for the lack of surprise.

Stephen A. called for Commissioner Adam Silver to take action before summing up the Clippers players' immediate reaction with one word: outrage. "They're absolutely livid. They're appalled," Smith said. "I don't know what they would say or do to this man...if they were in his face at this particular juncture." He revealed that the Clippers players were even considering not playing after receiving encouragement by loved ones to take a stand.

Smith didn't inject his personal opinion too much. But then again, it's possible he'll have a lot more to say on this matter.

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[via ESPN]