Spyker is coming up in the world, which is great news to us, being unrepentant fan-boys of the WWI fighter ace style of the Dutch manufacturer. The company told Bold Ride of the three new cars it's planning at teh New York International Auto Show, so we figured this news needs to be passed along.


  • B6 Venator in 2015- The B6 Venator is headed to production, and Americans will be able to buy them for $135,000. Yes, it's a lot of money, but we figure that machines gear lever is worth at least $40,000. Purists will also be happy to hear that the car will come with a “six-speed manual, and then you will have an option for an automatic version. We feel it’s very much in keeping with our DNA that real drivers who like the six on the floor still get that option.”
  • C8 Ailerion - The C8 Ailerion is 14 years old, and has never been the focus o a major redesign, so it's about bloody time. “If Victor [Muller] was on the phone, he would have told you that he’s already started to sketch an updated version of the C8. And once the Venator program is up and running, we will turn our attention to the C8. We want to have that car to market as soon as we possibly can after the Venator. And what will happen is- what carries over from Venator will flow into Aileron.” The updated version should hopefully show up at an auto show sometime next year.
  • D8 - After Spyker finishes up with the C8, a third project is in mind, and it's one we've seen before. “The dream scenario is a three car lineup, with the Venator being the ‘entry-level’ car, and then the C8 Aileron being the supercar. And of course somewhere down the road, we would love to bring the SUV to market.”
We just hope that all three of these a homologated for the American market.

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