You gotta love how great some of these GIFs are when taken out of context. Yes, Pau Gasol faking out Chris Paul on a drive is an epic sight, but the Lakers got blown out that game. Luol Deng ruthlessly split someone's groin in half, but the Clippers won despite the testicular casualty. Deng is still going to be sitting home early with his new team.

Same thing goes with almost every game in March Madness. That $1 billion could've been your way out of buying dinners at the bodega, fam. But it's cool, though. Seeing non-productive white boys doing the Nae Nae is always fun, and so is watching collegiate athletes get dunked on for free. The tournament delivered the goods (and heart palpitations) and made up a good number of the Best Sports GIFs of March 2014. Also, James Harden gives LeBron James that work and Dwyane Wade is late for Oscar season.

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