TNT's Inside the NBA has been filled with a lot of hilarious moments this NBA season. From Charles Barkley's reference to "Leroy Jetson" to Shaq's impersonation of Chuck sleeping on the set, the Inside the NBA team has gone out of their way to keep us entertained over the course of the last six months. But they went above and beyond last night with this clip, which featured the fellas talking about how some NBA players talk to referees prior to a game to try and get on their good sides.

Barkley started spewing on about how he used to talk to refs before games. But shortly after he did, Shaq interjected and told Barkley that he used to suck up to the refs. Then, he said, "You kissed Dick in the mouth." It's a reference to the time Barkley did this with referee Dick Bavetta:

But…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Obviously, that's not how it came across on TV. And while most other shows would probably try to move on quickly after Shaq's slip of the tongue, Inside the NBA embraced it with a series of pretty classic reactions.

This is why Inside the NBA is one of the greatest sports shows—if not the greatest sports show—on TV.

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[via SportsGrid]