Shabazz Napier has left the NCAA like a king. First, Napier spoke candidly with the media about there being nights where he would go to bed starving because of the current system put in place for collegiate athletes. Then, on Monday, Shabazz helped lead the Huskies to a national title with a 60-54 win over the Kentucky Wildcats. And following the game, Napier was interviewed by Jim Nantz, who asked him about the pressure of being in this moment with all the weight on his shoulders. But all Shabazz wanted to do was get in one last dig at the NCAA, stating, "This is what happens when you ban us. Two years. We worked so hard for it. Two years and hungry. Hungry Huskies.”

The two-year ban that Napier is talking about is in regards to the time when UConn fell under the NCAA's mark for a 50 percent graduation percentile in the Academic Progress Rates (APR) which stands at 930. Since the Huskies came in at 889, they were handed down a penalty that prevented them from competing in the 2013 NCAA Tournament. 

So, is there anything else Shabazz would like to get off his chest? 

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