A little more than a week ago, the Miami Heat were struggling when Chris Bosh laid into his teammates, summing up their lackluster performances by saying "we suck." Now, it's the Indiana Pacers' turn. And assuming the role of Bosh is Roy Hibbert. Following Friday's 91-78 loss to the Washington Wizards, Hibbert kept it brutally honest when talking to the media. "Some selfish dudes in here," the Pacers center said. "Some selfish dudes. I'm tired of talking about it. We've been talking about it for a month." 

Tonight, the Pacers lost again to the San Antonio Spurs, 103-77. It's their sixth loss in eight games and the fifth time in their last six games where they were unable to crack the 80-point mark. And what may be more disheartening for Indiana is that their loss to the Spurs put them in second, behind the Heat. When asked to comment on that development, Hibbert was back to his honest self. 

The Pacers will eventually turn it around. Hopefully, they can do so before the locker room gets hurt in the process.  

[via CBS Sports]

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