Earlier today, New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey caused quite the controversy when he celebrated his six-month anniversary of having Tommy John surgery by taking to Twitter and posting a photo of him sticking up his middle finger in a hospital bed. Most people out there weren't too offended by it. But there were some people who were up in arms after seeing Harvey flipping the bird. So within about an hour of him posting the picture, Harvey removed it from his Twitter account at the request of the Mets. And then, a short time after that, he decided to delete his Twitter account altogether. And it was all because of a middle finger.

Here's the thing, though, guys. Harvey is NOT the first pro athlete to use his middle finger. In fact, he's like the 56,329,801st athlete to do it. Over the years, we've seen athletes give the finger to everyone from their fellow athletes and opposing crowds to overanxious paparazzi and their own fans. And to prove it, we put together a gallery of a bunch of guys (and and even one female!) doing it. In honor of @MattHarvey33's gaffe, here are 33 Pro Athletes Giving the Middle Finger.

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