Most gearheads out there would go crazy for their own Porsche 911, but sadly it’s a bit on the expensive side. Thankfully, Polish designer Luc & Andre have created some bespoke 911-inspired furniture to provide that everyday Porsche experience.

The company’s 9Eleven collection includes various sets of furniture, some of which feature genuine 911 parts. Options range from a 911 rear-quarter sofa (complete with minibar and smartphone connectivity) to a steering wheel inspired table, office chairs, and even a full-size conference table.

Much like the car itself, the 9Eleven furniture is far from cheap. The base model sofa retails for $20,000, with the coffee table and armchair on the market for $18,000 and $5200, respectively. Why so expensive you ask? The company builds everything by hand. Each aluminum sofa takes approximately 500 man-hours to complete. Start saving now.

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