Subaru is really good at getting enthusiasts' hopes up, and then smashing them on the ground before setting them on fire. The company makes gorgeous concept cars that look like they're basically production-ready, and then either brings them to market looking like sad blob versions of their former selves or just cans them entirely.

The Subaru BRZ is a great car, but it's crying out for a little more power and grip. The company even showed us a BRZ STI concept that would theoretically deliver on the potential of the BRZ chassis. Sadly, Australia's managing director Nick Senior recently told that “the focus has been on growing [Subaru] sales around the world. We are still reasonably small as a manufacturer and resources are limited and have to be targeted. That means at the moment there is no plan to have another STI model.”

Between this and the fact that there's no WRX hatch, Subaru is making us very sad.

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