General Motors may be facing some daunting recall dilemmas, but Mazda is dealing with something a bit more unique. The automaker issued a recall relating to spider webs in the vapor vent lines of its 2010 to 2012 Mazda6 sedans, which have been alleged to cause cracking and leaking in fuel tanks. The recall targets approximately 42,000 2.5L examples in the US.

This is the second spider recall that Mazda has announced (the first occurred in 2011). Luckily the arachnid problem hasn’t been attributed to any accidents, but it's undoubtedly creeping out a number of Mazda owners across the country. The company blames yellow sac spiders as the main culprit, due to their attraction to the smell of gasoline vapor. Next time you get into your late-model Mazda6 – bring the bug spray, or consider using the carpool lane. You might be carrying a few extra passengers.

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[via Left Lane News]