The rumors have been swirling for some time now: will Maybach return? Well, with a degree of certainty we can now tell you that – yes, Maybach is set to make a resurgence at this year’s LA and Guangzhou auto shows, but not in the form that you remembered it.

A report from Reuters claims that the Maybach nameplate will be applied to a new highest-spec Mercedes S-Class limousine. But don’t get too excited yet. The price for all that German luxury is reported to be nearly twice the cost of the current S600, which retails for the equivalent of $228,000 in Europe (though it's expected to be cheaper in the US).

Maybach has never been a budget brand, but twice the price of a stretched and massaged S-Class seems a bit steep. What would you rather have – a $400,000+ Rolls-Royce Phantom or a $400,000+ S-Class Maybach?

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[via Autoblog]