Once upon a time, Lil B tried out for the Golden State Warriors' D-League team, the Santa Cruz Warriors. And it didn't end well. Sure, The Based God got a ton of free publicity out of it. But it didn't result in an NBA contract.

Did Lil B give up after that, though? NO. He continued to try and hone his skills on the court by challenging Kevin Durant (on multiple occasions!) to a game of one-on-one. He also made an appearance on NBA TV. And yesterday, he released a new song off his new Hoop Life mixtape called "Gotta Make the NBA," which features him telling the tale of a kid trying to make it to the league. It is inspiring, to say the least.

On a serious note, this actually isn't all that bad. We weren't expecting much from it when we pressed play. But we will definitely be walking around singing, "Gotta make the NBA/Gotta make the NBA," for the next few hours. So thank you, Based God!

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