There is an age old saying in sports: “There is no I in team.” Track and field may seem more of an individualized sport than one requiring a team effort. Perhaps the best way to eliminate this stereotype is by taking a look at one of the world’s most prestigious track meets centered around teamwork and camaraderie. The Penn Relay Carnival, dating back to 1893, is a three-day track and field competition focusing on relay and team events. Also known as “America’s largest amateur track meet,” the Relays take place on historic Franklin Field at the University of Pennsylvania’s campus in Philadelphia. An average of 22,000 athletes enter annually, participating from more than 60 different countries. “The Penns” hosts a variety of track runners ranging from middle school-aged children to professional adults. The awards and recognition of the Penn Relays are coveted symbols of success in the world of track and field. They are more than an accolade of a foot race, they are a representation of multiple individuals coming together, representing their country, and making their own history. So in anticipation of this year’s games (Apr. 24-26), we take a look back at some of the greatest moments from its history.