This video should melt anyone's heart, especially car enthusiasts. A 7-year-old in LA got an incredible birthday surprise thanks to his father and a local Lamborghini Dealership. It all started with the dad's post to the Lamborghini North Los Angeles Facebook page:

"Hi, I’m hoping someone with a kind heart will help me. My Son is 7 on 20th April, we’re having small party for him. He is a Lamborghini FANATIC. He works hard at school so he get 100% in tests, so I give him $10 which he saves towards his Lamborghini. So far his dream has cost me $400! I know it would be a dream come true for him to be able to sit in Lamborghini or get a short drive in one. His birthday party is in Hancock park at our home. Are there any Lamborghini owners who would like to make a 7 year old believe in dreams?"

It turns out there were several. During the kid's birthday party the dealership got a bunch of Lamborghinis to roll up. He got to pick which one to take a ride in and went with a black Anventador, a solid choice.

Our hats our off to the dealership and the car owner's for making this possible. And we hope the kid gets to treat himself to his own Lambo for a birthday in the future. 

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[via The Supercar Kids]