There you have it. The embargo has expired on reviews of the Ferrari LaFerrari, and it has prompted a veritable flood of Maranello Red onto our computer screens this morning. The internet has churned out review after review, and – surprise – we can now officially tell you that it’s fast, but you knew that.

Ferrari’s 6.3L V12 outputs an ungodly 789-horsepower to the rear wheels all the way up to a screaming 9250rpm redline, and is aided by a 161hp hybrid system to bring a total yield of 950hp. Zero to 60mph is dealt with in a sprightly 2.9 seconds.

But you might not have known that in order to qualify for one of the 499 LaFerraris, you needed at least five of the company’s prancing horses in your garage and be personally approved by Ferrari Chairman Luca Di Montezemolo. Exclusive, no?

You can check out some of the LaFerrari video reviews here, and here, and even here. No word yet on whether Sport-Auto will have to pay up for their earlier review.

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[via TopGear]