It's been 36 days since James Dolan and Phil Jackson sat down together at a press conference to introduce Jackson as the new team president of the New York Knicks. 36 days! And yet, it already sounds like there might be trouble in paradise.

Early this morning, the New York Daily News ran a story indicating that there is some "minor friction" between Dolan and Jackson at the moment. According to the Daily News report, Jackson has been trying to fire several Knicks employees so that he can make some new hires in the Knicks' front office. However, Dolan has been hesitant to let those employees go and has reportedly told Jackson that he cannot fire them. So from the sound of things, Dolan is not "willingly and gratefully" giving up total control of the Knicks to Jackson, which is something that he said he was fully prepared to do 36 days ago.

As you might imagine, that is not sitting well with a lot of Knicks fans. And right now, they're taking to Twitter to express their frustrations with Dolan. Here are some of the craziest tweets that we've seen about the situation. Let's hope that this Daily News report isn't a sign of things to come for the Knicks and their fan base. It doesn't look like they can take much more of Dolan's shenanigans...

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