Don't let Jason Kidd's sudden success cloud the facts. Players normally don't make great coaches. With that said, can Kevin Durant be one of the few exceptions?

NewsOK revealed that Durant is aiming to become a head coach after he retires. And hush! Durant already knows about the player-to-coach stigma:

I hope so. We’ll see. I always hear the guys that can play a little bit aren’t smart enough to be coaches, but I’m learning. I’m learning from a lot of different guys. Trying to put myself in different shoes. We’ll see. I like to see guys get better, I enjoy watching the progress of the team.

But what makes Durant different from the struggles before him? K.D. actually drew up one play during a blowout of the Pelicans. The play involved some misdirection at the top and a double screen to leave Jeremy Lamb open for a corner three. The play was a success and Lamb drained the three. Thanks to Durant's amateur coaching heroics, Oklahoma City was able to beat the Pelicans by over 30 points. That's a Phil Jackson in the making.

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[via NewsOK]